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Translation: Wu Jiangtao’s Lesson For Other Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa

Editor's Note: the following is a summary translation of an article posted on the African Research Group's (微信公众号 非洲研究小组) WeChat channel. Minor edits and slight adjustments to the translation have been done to enhance clarity. Please click here to view the original version of the article ...

Gyude Moore Reflects on Hichilema’s Victory in Zambia and Why China is Calling in Its Loans in Kenya

A lot of major developments this week in the China-Africa space following Zambia's landslide election victory for opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and new debt repayment challenges in Kenya for the embattled Standard Gauge Railway.

Markets Optimistic Hichilema Will Resolve Zambia’s Debt Crisis

Global financial markets are telegraphing their relief that Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema decisively won last week's presidential vote and that he'll now have the necessary mandate to bring an end to the country's worsening debt crisis. Both Zambia's kwacha and ...

Thierry Pairault on What China Really Wants From Africa

French media and scholars have long struggled to understand the nature of Chinese engagement in Africa, often framing the issue in the context of their own brutal colonial past on the continent. Much of the discourse on the topic in France is whether China is the "new ...

Analysts: Chinese Consolidation in the Cobalt Sector Not Likely to Impact Prices

The Chinese cobalt and copper mining giant China Molybdenum's recently announced plans to invest $2.5 billion in its already massive Tenke Fungurume Mining (photo) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo prompted new concerns that heightened Chinese control over the cobalt sector would push up prices of the ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Jiang Zemin Created the Africa-China Relationship As We Know It Today

Reflections on the legacy of Jiang Zemin, China’s president from 1993 to 2003, who passed away on Wednesday, emphasized how he presided over a decade of explosive economic growth. Fewer have pointed out that he was also a key architect of China’s current relationship with Africa. 
After the Mao era, emblematized by Chinese involvement in African anti-colonial struggles, the relationship went dormant as China focused on building economic ties ...

Chinese Vaccine Deliveries to Africa Slow to a Trickle

Chinese pharmaceutical companies shipped just 1.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the past week, part of a wider slowdown in recent weeks. In all, China has delivered 52 million jabs to 37 countries across the continent to date but the distribution remains highly uneven, 

The Impossibility of Learning from Afghanistan

The story of China in the Global South has always carried a frisson in the West. A large part of that feeling has to do with China’s size, the way it simply doesn’t fit into any of the categories the West uses to classify and understand the ...

[NEW PODCAST] Why It's Not China's Fault That Its Trade With Africa is So Distorted