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China’s Long Shadow Over the U.S.-Africa Summit

The three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit wrapped up in Washington, D.C. on Thursday with a declaration by President Joe Biden that his administration is "all in" when it comes to Africa.  The White House worked very ...

Djibouti Suspends Debt Payments While Rwanda Gets (Just a Little) Relief From China

🇩🇯 DJIBOUTI: The government reportedly suspended debt repayments to two of its largest creditors, likely China and Kuwait, in response to a dramatic increase in the country's debt servicing costs in 2022, according to a new World Bank report. (SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST)

China’s New Ambassador to Rwanda A Man of Mystery?

Wang Xuekun, China's new ambassador-designate has arrived in Rwanda. While most announcements of new Chinese diplomatic postings highlight the ambassador's track record in the region, the Foreign Ministry only listed his birth date and: "He holds a doctor’s degree ...

Star Power Boosts Rwandan Coffee in Online Sales Session

The famous Chinese actress Liu Tao recently hosted a live sale of Rwandan coffee on Alibaba’s e-commerce website Taobao. She sold 500kg of coffee beans in 5 minutes. It usually takes two to three months to sell that much on e-commerce sites. These ...

A Chinese Perspective on a Fellow Chinese-National Being Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail For Whipping Local Employee

This week’s sentencing of a Chinese mine owner in Rwanda to twenty years in prison for whipping an employee drew a sharp reaction from African netizens. However, beyond a pro forma statement from the Chinese embassy in Kigali, Chinese reactions have been much rarer. However, an ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Argentina Scores $924 Million in Deals from China

Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa managed to secure almost a billion dollars‘ worth of investment deals on the first leg of his trip to China.
He is on an economic rescue mission, with talks expected to renew and extend a currency swap agreement in order to infuse much-needed foreign money into the Argentinian economy.

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Rwandan Whipping Incident Reverberates Through Africa-China Relationship

The China-Africa news discussion was consumed this week by the news that a Chinese mining boss was sentenced by a Rwandan court to twenty years in prison for whipping an employee. The incident can’t be separated from its media afterlife. ...

Chinese Mining Boss Gets 20 Years for Whipping Rwandan Worker

A Rwandan court sentenced a Chinese businessman to twenty years in prison for beating two employees. A video clip showing Sun Shujun using a rope to beat a man tied to a wooden post as other workers looked on went viral last year, sparking widespread outrage.

Rwandan Court’s Prison Sentence for Chinese Mining Boss Sparks Passionate Response Online

The Karongi Intermediate Court in Rwanda's decision to hand down a hefty prison sentence on Tuesday to Chinese mining boss Sun Shujun for brutally beating his employees sparked an outpouring of emotion online. "The Chinese are there mining the minerals and stealing ...

Four Different Chinese Ambassadors are Moving On

An unusually large number of Chinese ambassadors announced this week they will be leaving their posts in at least four African countries. It's just a coincidence that so many are happening at once and there is no indication that any of the envoys have been recalled.

EU-Africa Summit Set to Begin Amid a Rapidly Changing Geopolitical Landscape

African leaders have been arriving in Brussels all week in advance of the two-day Europe-Africa summit that begins tomorrow. But the timing of this year's gathering comes as some in Europe are bracing for what could be the continent's largest war since WWII and an increasingly contentious ...
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