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Kenya Star Newspaper Fact Checks Allegation China Sending COVID-19 Infected Mattresses to Africa

Quick update on the story we told you about yesterday regarding the fake news posts circulating around the African internet warning people that China is sending mattresses and clothing infected with COVID-19 from Wuhan and other cities. The fact-checking team at ...

A Simple Twitter Typo Sparked Accusations That Zimbabwe Officials Made Off With Jack Ma’s Donated COVID-19 Safety Gear

Someone on either the social media team at the Chinese embassy in Harare or the Ministry of Health in Harare made a critical typo that prompted immediate speculation that Zimbabwean officials had fleeced the COVID-19 protective suits donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.

Africa’s Knocking on the Wrong Door for Debt Relief

The whole discussion going on today over calls from African leaders to write off or reschedule their countries' debts feels completely disconnected from reality. For some reason, they're focusing all of their attention on the G20 leaders summit that's going to take place today and comments ...