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Africa’s Donkey Population Risks Collapse Due to Surging Chinese Demand for Hides

NOTE: this interview with Alex Meyers was recorded just prior to his departure from the Donkey Sanctuary. Persistent Chinese demand for donkey hides is now pushing the animal's population in many countries, including a number ...

OPINION: Why Africa Should Embrace the Yuan as a Reserve Currency

Kenyan economist and commentator Benard Aiyeko laid out his case as to why African central banks should add the Chinese yuan to their basket of reserve currencies. Today, only a few African countries including Angola, Zimbabwe and Nigeria settle some of their payments in yuan and hold ...

France Announces Plans to Host Africa Summit in 2020

France's ambassador to South Africa, Aurelien Lechevallier, unveiled plans for a new France-Africa Summit that will take place next year in South Africa. He added that president Emmanuel Macron will come to South Africa for the event, which is scheduled for next June. 

US Trade & Development Agency Chief: “China Hasn’t Changed Our Approach in Africa”

Despite his best efforts, the CNBC Africa journalist Karabo Lethlhatlha wasn't successful in getting the Acting Director of the United States Trade and Development Agency, Thomas R. Hardy, to comment on China. In an interview that was nominally about Washington's efforts to expand investment in Africa, Lethlhatlha, ...

Although Relatively New to Twitter, China’s Ambassador in Zimbabwe Isn’t Afraid to Fight

He's only been using Twitter since April, but Ambassador Guo Shaochun is really getting the hang of the social network's bare-knuckle brawling culture. His feed is filled with strongly-worded rebuttals against China's critics in Zimbabwe, no matter if the accuser is someone popular ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister to Lead UN Security Council Meeting on Gaza

Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
China, the current UNSC president, called the meeting scheduled for November 29. It comes as the two sides are looking into extending the temporary ceasefire that started last week to allow for the return of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees.

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After a “Cordial Meeting,” China-Zimbabwe Come to Terms Over Accounting Discrepancy

The Zimbabwean and Chinese governments have seemingly patched things up after a high-profile 48-hour spat over what appears to be an accounting error in the 2020 Zimbabwe budget. In the initial draft budget published last week, Zimbabwe finance minister Mthuli Ncube reported that China had only contributed ...