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Two Weeks After the Coup, It’s Business as Usual For Gabon’s Chinese Community

Other than a 6 p.m. curfew every night, daily life for most of the 3,000 Chinese expatriates in Gabon hasn't changed much since the military overthrew the government of longtime dictator Ali Bongo on August 30. A media worker for the ...

Amid West African Coups, Benin Leader’s Beijing Trip Is Notable

Considering the caliber of events Chinese President Xi Jinping is not showing up to, it’s notable that he made time to meet with Benin’s President Patrice Athanase Guillaume Talon on Friday. Talon led a four-day state visit to Beijing, which saw the establishment ...

Gabon’s Coup Could Open Opportunities for China

China’s response to last week’s coup in Gabon kept to well-trodden themes. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Webin told reporters:  “China is closely following the developments in Gabon. We call on relevant sides in the country to proceed from the fundamental interests of ...

Chinese Commentators Are Nervous About Russian and Western Influence in Niger

Until now, Chinese commentators have been largely quiet about the implications of the July 26 coup in Niger on Chinese interests in the West African country. Now, though, that's starting to change as anonymous political commentators are publishing some fascinating perspectives ...

Chinese Embassy in Sudan Activates Emergency Protocols, Orders Companies to Stop Work and Personnel to Take Shelter

The Chinese embassy in Khartoum on Monday activated its "safety emergency mechanism," a set of protocols that ordered all "Chinese-funded institutions" to suspend operations and for personnel to take cover in response to the escalating unrest in Sudan following yesterday's toppling of the civilian government.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine Fishing Fleets Urged to Maintain Presence at Disputed Shoal as Tensions Build

The Philippine coastguard called on its country’s fishing fleets to keep operating around the Scarborough Shoal (known as Bajo de Masinloc in the Philippines and Huangyan Dao in China) despite the large Chinese presence in the disputed South China Sea area.
Coastguard spokesperson Jay Tarriela said while Philippine government vessels can’t maintain a constant presence, they are committed to protecting the country’s fishing rights in what it sees as its Exclusive Economic Zone.