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China Denies Omitting Israel From Maps

China’s government pointed out that its official maps include Israel, after social media users noted that the country was missing from maps services run by companies Baidu and Alibaba. The issue initially caused confusion, as multiple Western media outlets asserted that Israel was ...

Malaysia Joins India in Chinese Map Row

Malaysia added its voice to a dispute between New Delhi and Beijing over a newly-issued “standard map” of China. On Tuesday, India’s Foreign Ministry lodged a formal protest over the map, which was issued by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources because it ...

India Fumes Over China’s New Map That New Delhi Claims Includes a Lot of Its Territory

The Indian government issued a formal diplomatic protest on Tuesday against China over the publication of Beijing's new official map that New Delhi claims includes large swathes of its territory. The 2023 edition of the "standard map of China" that ...

Map of the Day: Why China’s Economic Clout in the Indian Ocean Will Be Hard to Beat

The Indian Ocean region is home to some of the world’s most important trade routes. It is also rife with choke points and conflict zones that put the region at the center of global geopolitical competition between China, the U.S. and other powers like India.