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Southeast Asia: Best Place To Celebrate Chinese New Year Outside China

Chinese migration is one of the oldest and largest movements of people in the world. The latest tide lasted for over 300 years, which intensified in the sixteenth century and again in the nineteenth century due to the Opium Wars. As a result, there are about ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Kenya to Overhaul China Policy & Chinese Infrastructure in the DRC

Kenya has a new envoy to China, Willy Bett, who formally presented his credentials to President Xi Jinping this week. Among Ambassador Bett's first tasks will be to follow up on Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Musalia Mudavadi's promise to craft ...

Chinese Party-to-Party Diplomacy in Rwanda

Wellars Gasamagera, the Secretary-General of the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front party met with Wang Huning, one of Xi Jinping’s key political advisors and a senior member of the Communist Party of China. Wang is currently a member of ...

China’s Hunan Province Boosts Status as African Trade Hub

Trade between the African continent and the central Chinese province of Hunan grew to $7.79 billion in 2023. The increase solidifies Hunan’s status as a center of African agricultural trade. The province was integrated into regional transport networks, which positioned it as a fresh commodities hub.

Chinese and Philippine Coast Guard Trade Barbs Over Encounter on Remote South China Sea Shoal

Tensions between the Chinese and Philippines Coast Guard moved from the South China Sea to social media where the two sides on Wednesday battled it out over shaping the narrative about an encounter that occurred two weeks ago. On January 12, 

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Misadventures in the Skin Trade

This week I spent a few days in Cape Town, in time for a minor, if telling, crisis in international agricultural trade. A ship crammed with 19,000 (mostly still living) cows was stuck in Cape Town harbor, en route from Brazil to the Middle East.
As South African animal welfare authorities scrambled to inspect the horrors on board, the city was enveloped in a powerful farmyard funk. The entire episode can ...

Video of Indian Shepherds Confronted by Chinese Soldiers Along Disputed Border Sparks Outrage

A viral video of a tense encounter between Indian sheepherders and a group of Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers that took place on January 2 and surfaced Wednesday on social media is sparking widespread outrage in India. The ...