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Chinese Media Discuss Bashar al-Assad’s Visit to China

By Andrea Ghiselli Introduction On September 22, seizing the opportunity provided by the visit of Bashar al-Assad to Hangzhou for the 19th Asian Games, China and Syria announced the establishment of a strategic partnership. The joint declaration ...

Africa at the Intersection of Three Megatrends: China, Climate and Debt

Dramatic scenes this week in Italy where 7,000 people, mostly from Africa, came ashore after making the dangerous trek across the Mediterranean. It was a similar situation along the U.S.-Mexico border where 9,000 people crossed in a single day.

Running Into BRICS Walls: Enlargement Won’t Help BRICS Establish a New World Order

By Felix Brender 王哲謙 The BRICS bloc’s announcement to open its doors to new members has triggered considerable coverage and commentary suggesting the BRICS are setting themselves up to establish a new global order as an alternative to Western dominance, economic woes across ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Foreign Minister Wang Yi Said China Willing To “Play a Constructive Role” at Upcoming APEC Summit in November

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China is willing to "play a constructive role" at the upcoming APEC summit in November but wouldn't confirm if President Xi Jinping will attend. Xi stayed home from both the recent G20 and ASEAN summits, prompting speculation he'll do the same for APEC.