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India’s External Affairs Minister Heads to Sri Lanka After China Sends Positive Signals on Debt Deal

The Sri Lankan government is now on the verge of closing a deal to secure a $2.9 billion emergency financial package from the International Monetary Fund following new assurances from its two largest bilateral creditors, India and China. Colombo got the desperately ...

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka Goes on a Furious Twitter Rant to Rebut U.S. Ambassador’s “Spoiler” Accusations

The Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka did not take well to U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung's accusation that China is a potential "spoiler" in the South Asian country's debt restructuring process. The embassy was furious over remarks Chung made in an interview ...

It Won’t Come as a Surprise That Indians Are Skeptical of China, But New Poll Reveals Lots of Ambivalence About the U.S. Too

There's an emerging consensus in U.S. national security circles that bolstering ties with India will be the best way to confront China's surging influence in the Asia-Pacific region. But if that is the case, then it appears U.S. stakeholders have some ...

China’s Ties With India Will be Competitive and Confrontational Says Leading India Scholar

One of China's leading India scholars, Liu Zongyi, a senior fellow at the prestigious Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), outlined a grim vision for the future of Sino-Indian relations, warning that they'll be contentious, competitive and even confrontational. Liu's outlook ...

Chinese Social Media’s Unusual Response to the Indonesian Labor Riots

Production is up and running again at a Chinese-owned nickel smelting plant in Indonesia following last week's violent uprising by laborers over poor working conditions. Two people, one Chinese and one Indonesian, were killed during the riot.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine Coastguard Removes Chinese South China Sea Barrier

The Philippine coastguard successfully removed a 300-meter floating barrier placed by the Chinese coastguard to bar access to the South China Sea’s Scarborough Shoal.
This follows an outcry in Manila during the weekend when images emerged of the barrier and Chinese coastguard patrols being used to keep Philippine fishing vessels out. 

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