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South Africa, China and Russia to Conduct Joint Naval Exercises

Russia, China and South Africa will conduct trilateral naval exercises in South African waters from 17-24 February. The three navies conducted similar exercises in 2019, and China-Russia exercises took place in the East China Sea in December. The exercises will include force ...

China’s Middle East Approach Probably Won’t Change Soon: Expert

Following President Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia late last year, many speculated that China was aiming to replace the U.S. in the region, not least because U.S.-Saudi relations are currently quite frosty. However, the China-Middle East expert Andrea Ghiselli recently ...

Chinese Arrivals Feted at Bangkok Airport

In a striking demonstration of how central Chinese tourism is to Southeast Asian economies, travelers arriving from a reopening China were literally applauded as they disembarked in Bangkok this week.

China’s Wolf Warrior Defanged

China’s most prominent Wolf Warrior diplomat, Zhao Lijian, has been moved from his previous position as Foreign Ministry spokesperson to a new post as Deputy Director of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs. While the shift is technically a lateral move,