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C’Mon Joe! You Gotta Show Up If You Want to Be in The Game!

U.S. diplomats in the Bangkok embassy are no doubt gnashing their teeth over reports that started to circulate this week claiming U.S. President Joe Biden plans to skip the upcoming APEC summit that's set to take place in the Thai capital next month.

China-Kenya Ties at a Critical Stage as Ruto Meets With Envoy at State House

Kenyan President William Ruto reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining strong ties with China during talks on Tuesday at the State House with Ambassador Zhou Pingjian. Neither the President's office nor the Chinese embassy released specific details of what the two discussed ...

What Kenya’s Embattled Standard Gauge Railway Tells Us About the Future of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Wall Street Journal has published a series of articles and videos over the past three weeks detailing what they're describing as "Belt and Road 2.0" -- a slimmed down, much more conservative version of the nearly ten-year-old Chinese global infrastructure initiative.

More Nuance Needed in Discussion About Xi’s Party Congress Speech and What It Signals About China’s Engagement in the Global South

A recent column by CGSP Editor-in-Chief Eric Olander that said Xi Jinping's speech at the 20th Party Congress last Sunday pointed to a re-prioritization of Chinese foreign policy objectives focused primarily on competition with the U.S. and fortifying its near-abroad sparked a robust discussion online. 

New Chinese Naval Escort Task Force Joins Multinational Anti-Piracy Operations in the Gulf of Aden

The People's Liberation Army Navy's 42nd naval escort taskforce began operations in the Gulf of Aden last Saturday as part of the 14-year-long multinational anti-piracy campaign off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. The newly-arrived Chinese vessels replaced ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister to Lead UN Security Council Meeting on Gaza

Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
China, the current UNSC president, called the meeting scheduled for November 29. It comes as the two sides are looking into extending the temporary ceasefire that started last week to allow for the return of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees.

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