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Tussle Underway Among China, South Africa, and France to Co-Chair Zambia’s Creditor Committee

Sharp elbows are out among countries vying to help lead Zambia's newly-energized debt restructuring process, following China's announcement last week that it plans to join a new creditor's committee. Soon after Chinese officials announced their intent to join the committee, they indicated ...

Ed Cropley: There’s a Lot More at Stake For China in the Zambian Debt Talks Than Just Getting Repaid

While Zambia's $5.8 billion of outstanding debts to Chinese creditors is indeed a lot of money, getting fully repaid may not be the primary concern for policymakers in Beijing, said Reuters Breakingviews columnist Ed Cropley in his latest opinion video: "The ...

U.S. Internet Freedom Pledge Fails to Get Global South Support

Sixty countries signed a U.S.-led “Declaration of the Future of the Internet” late last week that called for greater online "openness and democracy." But who chose not to join is rapidly becoming the main story. But who chose not to join is rapidly becoming the main story. ...

Japan PM Kishida Tours SE Asia Amid Worsening U.S.-China Tensions

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spent the weekend in Vietnam where he held separate talks with Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính and President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc during a three-nation tour of Southeast Asian states. The Prime Minister's tour comes at a critical time as ...

What Does China Really Mean When It Says “African Solutions For African Problems?”

China's top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa, Wu Peng, tweeted on Friday a version of Beijing's longstanding mantra "African Solutions for African Problems." The origins of that concept, at least in the Chinese context, are actually grounded in Asia where President Xi Jinping emphasized "Asia for Asians" early ...

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Philippine Coastguard Removes Chinese South China Sea Barrier

The Philippine coastguard successfully removed a 300-meter floating barrier placed by the Chinese coastguard to bar access to the South China Sea’s Scarborough Shoal.
This follows an outcry in Manila during the weekend when images emerged of the barrier and Chinese coastguard patrols being used to keep Philippine fishing vessels out. 

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Misinformation About South African Teacher’s Mysterious Death in Shanghai and Unsubstantiated Reports About Chinese Missiles in Zimbabwe

Speculation is now swirling on Twitter and other social media platforms about what caused the death of 29-year-old teacher Nomaqocwa Blackie who was found in her Shanghai apartment last Monday. There are a growing number of reports that she may have ...

China and 22 Francophone African Countries Talk Democracy

China recently convened an online seminar 22 French-speaking African countries to discuss democracy. The online meeting, on “The Exploration and Practice of Democracy in Chinese and African Legislative Bodies” drew in members of China’s National People’s Assembly, and about 90 African representatives.