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China’s FM Spokesman Tries to Cool Tensions Over Reports of “Vaccine Rivalry” With India

The Chinese government appears to be moving to deescalate tensions with India over reports that the two Asian powers are increasingly engaged in a so-called "vaccine rivalry" related to the distribution of COVID-19 jabs to developing countries around the world. ...

African Media Didn’t Cover Xi Jinping’s World Economic Forum Speech, But They Probably Should Have

Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday delivered his first major international address since Joe Biden became president of the United States. Xi spoke remotely to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He touted China's success in battling COVID-19, reiterated his oft-stated support of multilateral institutions, and ...

Three Experts Reflect on China’s Ambitious New Aid and International Development Agenda

The Chinese government earlier this month published a major update to the country's foreign aid and international development strategy. The new white paper entitled "China's International Development Cooperation in the New Era" maps out an ambitious new vision that integrates Chinese overseas development ...

Background: For More Than a Decade, Africa’s Been the Top Destination for Chinese Foreign Aid

Since 2010, Africa's been the largest recipient of Chinese foreign aid, even as China's ties in Asia have grown to be more geopolitically consequential. However, when reviewing data in the recently-published white paper on Chinese international development, analysts ...

What did Xi Jinping Really Say at Davos?

It’s fascinating to read Xi Jinping’s address to the World Economic Forum and then to read the comments about the speech. What U.S. commentators focus on, and what they ignore, reveal much about the challenges posed by China’s rise to established powers like the United States.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Xi Jinping’s Summit Tour Continues to APEC in Thailand

This week’s carnival of summitry continues with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ministerial meeting in Bangkok. While many leaders – including China’s President Xi Jinping – are continuing straight to Thailand from the G20 summit in Bali earlier this week, U.S. President Joe Biden won’t be there. Vice President Kamala Harris will stand in for him. 
The group’s first in-person meeting in four years is expected to focus on overcoming trade disruptions and supply ...

China Wants to Become a Major Player in International Aid

In January, China published a blueprint for how it plans to become one of the world's leading countries in international development. The white paper on "China's International's Development Cooperation in the New Era" released by the State ...

[NEW PODCAST] Wall Street Journal reporters Josh Chin & Liza Lin discuss whether China's surveillance can be exported abroad