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In Almost Every Story About China-Africa, Global Times Makes Sure to Slip in a Dig at the United States

The Global Times newspaper has long played the role of China's most outspoken anti-U.S. media outlet -- both with its editorial content and its fiery Editor in Chief, Hi Xijin, who just today said low-income Americans live in an "autocratic ...

While the CCP is Viewed With Skepticism in the U.S. and EU, That’s Definitely Not the Case in Parts of Africa

Although China's ties with African civil society stakeholders have frayed considerably in recent months due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, debt-related issues and, most notably, the lasting bitter taste over what happened in Guangzhou, Beijing's relations with Africa's governing class at both the state and ruling-party levels ...

The Crisis in Hong Kong Emerges as Key Messaging Theme for Chinese Media, Diplomats Across Africa

Chinese diplomats, missions, and media across Africa have been steadily ramping up their messaging about Hong Kong in recent weeks in what appears to be a concerted effort to build support for Beijing's handling of the ongoing political crisis in the territory.