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The Budding Africa-China Tech Collaboration Dynamic

Researcher and author of "China, Africa and the Future of the Internet" Iginio Gagliardone joins Andile Masuku and Osarumen Osamuyi for a candid, context-setting discussion about the growing tech and innovation relationship between Africa and China.

Zimbabwe Expected to Lean on Chinese Expertise and Technology to Enforce New Cyber Crime Law

The Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill of 2019 was passed by president Emerson Mnangagwa’s cabinet this week, an important step towards it becoming law. It still has to be debated and approved by parliament, where Mnangagwa’s ruling Zanu PF party has a majority.

The Year of the Mobile Phone is Transforming China-Africa Relations

In the history of China-Africa relations, 2019 may come to be known as the year of the mobile phone. It was a year when phones took on an outsized commercial and political importance. Selling its Tecno phones in Africa carried Transsion, a relatively ...

Q&A: Chinese Sales of Surveillance Technology to African Governments is Understandably Worrisome but in no way Exceptional

The recent Wall Street Journal investigation that revealed Huawei employees allegedly aided the Ugandan and Zambian governments to spy on political opponents confirmed, in many peoples' minds, the suspicions about Huawei and how the company presents a viable threat to civil rights, particularly in non-democratic societies. ...

Huawei Staff Help Governments to Spy on People: WSJ Investigation

On the ground in Uganda, Wall Street Journal reporters uncovered how Chinese telecom giant Huawei is providing surveillance tools that African governments use to stifle dissent. ...

China & Ethiopia: Partners in Surveillance

Human Rights Watch's recent report on telecom surveillance in Ethiopia focuses a lot of attention on the role of Chinese contractors who are building out the country's new communications infrastructure. One of the co-authors of that report, Cynthia Wong, joins us for more on ...
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