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Graph of the Day: China’s Real Share of African Debt

Amid the news that Zambia has moved towards the official start of negotiations with its private creditors, it is worthwhile remembering that China's share of African debt is far outstripped by debt to private sector lenders in the U.S. and Europe and Western-led multilateral lenders. This is ...

How Zambia’s Debt Mix is Forecast to Evolve

This projection of how Zambia’s public and publicly guaranteed (PPG) debt servicing will shift over the next few years showed up in a recent public lecture by the Johns Hopkins University debt expert Deborah Brautigam at Peking University. PPG refers to ...

Why “Encirclement” has Become a Chinese Talking Point

This year-old map produced by the UK-based think tank Council on Geostrategy is circulating widely on Twitter this week following Tuesday's AUKUS summit in California and last week's comments by President Xi Jinping that the U.S. and its allies are "encircling" China.