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What Can We Learn From China’s Response to the Gaza Crisis?

By Lukas Fiala 方朗克 With a first truce between Israel and Hamas and the initial release of hostages in the headlines, we should begin to draw wider lessons from China’s response to the crisis to enhance our understanding of Beijing’s approach to ...

Chinese Technology Paves the Way for Affordable Electric Vehicles in Kenya

The HK-EV car is retailing for $5,000 and the only upgrade will be a solar panel that can be glued to the roof of the car instead of the current one which is bulky and causes some drag while driving.

A Primer on China’s Role in the Worsening Zambian Debt Crisis

Zambia's debt restructuring deal that was hailed earlier this year as a "landmark" breakthrough for developing countries is now in shambles. Talks broke down a couple of weeks ago when bilateral creditors led by China and France objected to the terms ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Argentina’s President-Elect Javier Milei Begins Pivot Toward the U.S. And Away From Beijing

Argentina's president-elect Javier Milei met with U.S. officials in Washington as he begins to pivot toward the U.S. and away from Beijing. While campaigning, the radical libertarian said he would downgrade ties with China, which he called “an assassin.” (REUTERS) Chinese Foreign ...