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A New Chapter of ‘Going out’ in the Making? 

By Lukas Fiala  Walking through the halls at the Paris Air Show, the world’s largest aerospace exhibition, last week demonstrated once more the emergence of a novel chapter of China’s global outreach: high-tech aeronautics and aerospace cooperation. From the Aviation Industry ...

A Chinese-Backed Solar Project in Lesotho Highlights Beijing’s New “Small is Beautiful” Infrastructure Development Strategy in Africa

Some 71 kilometers south of Lesotho’s capital Maseru, the new Mafeteng Solar Power Plant Project generates some 30MW of electricity that could easily power 30,000 homes running household appliances like a fridge, a TV, an electric cooker and a number of lights while also supporting some ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: China and Zambia’s Landmark Debt Deal

After nearly two years of painful, drawn-out negotiations, Zambia finally closed a deal to restructure its bilateral external debt. The announcement was made last week at a global development finance summit in Paris and the new agreement is widely seen as ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Mutual Expulsions of Indian and Chinese Reporters Almost Complete

The mutual expulsions of Indian and Chinese reporters are now almost complete. The last Chinese journalist in India, a reporter for Xinhua, was expelled last week, leaving just one reporter from the Press Trust of India still in China as the only remaining Indian foreign correspondent.