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China’s Debt Fight Has High Stakes

We’ve covered Chinese lending to the Global South through the boom days of the BRI and the current debt busts cratering Zambia, Sri Lanka and other economies. One of the things we’ve learned is that China plays a weird dual role in the global development finance landscape. ...

What the New Port of Lekki in Nigeria Tells Us About the Future of Chinese Infrastructure Finance in Africa

China is no longer in the game of providing African countries with enormous loans to finance large-scale infrastructure projects. In fact, BRI financing last year for projects in Africa plunged more than 50% to just $7.5 billion.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Russian Military Frigate Docked in Cape Town, on the Way to Controversial Joint Military Exercises With China and South Africa

A Russian military frigate has docked in South Africa's Cape Town harbor, on the way to controversial joint military exercises with China and South Africa. Operation Mosi will take place off the coast of Durban from February 17 to 27. (FRANCE24) Iranian President Ebrahim ...