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Tibor Nagy’s Disingenuous Questioning of Chinese Mining Investments in Africa

Like an inquisitor against a backdrop of anti-Chinese criticism, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Africa Tibor Nagy posted a tweet questioning China's role in the African mining sector: ...

Africa in the Era of Great Power Competition

Policymakers in most African countries are facing unimaginable challenges brought on by the pandemic, economic disruption, climate change, and the impact of the war in Ukraine. As if that wasn't enough, the increasingly contentious U.S.-China conflict adds even more uncertainty.

WEEK IN REVIEW: China, For the First Time, Will Convene A Horn of Africa (HoA) Conference

China, for the first time, will convene a Horn of Africa (HoA) conference between June 20th and 22nd in Addis Ababa.  China's new Special Envoy for HoA, Xue Bing, announced during a tour in March that Beijing would organize such a conference in the first half of the ...