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Conservation Needs to Get Back on the China-Africa Agenda

China appears to be launching a significant expansion of its distant water fishing fleet around the world and most notably in Africa. Six supertrawlers are already docked in Liberia and three new vessels are now on their way to Morocco to ...

Kenya Says Companies, Not the Government Decides Whether to Use Huawei 5G Tech

Kenyan ICT Minister Joe Mucheru said it's up to telecom operator Safaricom, not the government, to decide whether or not to use Huawei equipment. Mucheru once again asserted his country's sovereignty in the decision over which technology provider to use for telecom equipment and said there are no ...

Kenya’s Dependence on China Brings Good News and Bad News for the Economy

The Kenyan government released a pair of statistics yesterday that highlights the country's close interdependence with China and, for better and for worse, how that impacts the economy.  China Simultaneously Helps and Hurts the Kenyan Economy

The Near Collapse of China Trade Pushes Kenyan Small Businesses to Look Elsewhere For New Suppliers

Kenya's small-to-medium-sized enterprises are calling on the Chinese embassy in Nairobi for assistance to help resume cargo flights between the two countries in order to revitalize the supply chains on which they depend. Merchants complain that the current one flight a ...

Nigeria’s Transport Minister Says What Others Won’t: Who Else is Going to Lend Us Money for Infrastructure?

Nigeria's embattled Transportation Minister Rotimi Amaechi appeared on national TV again on Tuesday to try and clear up the rumors and misinformation surrounding a $500 million Chinese loan, which includes a "sovereign immunity" clause. That clause, now commonly ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Overwhelming 2024-Ness of It All

In so many ways, 2024 feels like an inflection point — one of those years that carries within it a future yet unformed.
The U.S. election is of course the most prominent of these trends. If Donald Trump becomes the Rublican nominee, as expected, it will kick off a series of domino effects that could reshape the United States’ relationship with itself, and with it, the whole world.

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