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2+ Months Into the COVID-19 Economic Crisis in Africa and Still No Word on Debt Relief

It's been more than two months since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned in a letter to G20 leaders that African countries face an "existential threat" from the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. Since ...

With All Suspects Now in Custody, Zambian Authorities Begin Investigation Into Sunday’s Murder of Three Chinese Nationals

Zambian police on Wednesday arrested the third and final suspect accused of murdering three Chinese nationals last weekend at their clothing factory in the Makeni, a suburb of the capital Lusaka. Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo promised a full investigation into the attack.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa Apologizes for Crackdown on Local Chinese Businesses and for Using Derogatory Language

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa issued a public apology on Wednesday for his recent crackdown on Chinese merchants in the city and for using the derogatory word "Chinaman" alleging that he was unaware it's offensive. "I accept my error in judgment by ...

Why the Sengwa Coal Plant in Zimbabwe Will Probably be China’s Last Mega Deal in Africa For a Very Long Time

China and Zimbabwe are moving forward with a massive new $3 billion coal power plant in the northern city of Sengwa. When complete, the new plant will generate 2800 megawatts of power and could singlehandedly erase the power deficit that's crippling the country.

It’s True That a Lot of People Around the World Don’t Like China Very Much Right Now. I Know How to Change That.

As a Chinese person who's traveled around the world, including many parts of Africa, I can clearly see just how provincial most of my fellow Chinese are about the outside world. And, regrettably, that is partially to blame for many of the current difficulties we're facing.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Unpacking Han Zheng’s Messaging to the Global South at the UN General Assembly

China’s Vice President Han Zheng addressed the UN General Assembly on Thursday. Along with retreads of established Chinese positions on Taiwan, Ukraine, and the Israel/Palestine conflict, his comments also provided interesting clues about China’s messaging to the Global South.
First, he called on the international community to “follow the direction of a multipolar world” with the UN at its center. I wonder how opinion within Beijing’s inner circles breaks down around the bipolarity/multipolarity issue, considering ...

China’s Oil Imports from Angola Continue Recovery

Angola was China’s fifth top crude oil supplier in April, customs data showed, with imports rising 23.8% from the same month a year earlier. In the first four months of 2020, Chinese imports from Angola are still negative, despite the recovery. ...