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Community Leader Testified Before South Africa’s Equality Court That Anti-Chinese Speech Brought Back Memories of Apartheid

Community leaders from The Chinese Association (TCA) in South Africa appeared in court yesterday in Johannesburg to testify against 12 individuals who allegedly posted racially charged anti-Chinese comments. The case dates back to 2017 after the television documentary show Carte Blanche ...

Tweet of the Day: Emmerson Mnangagwa Toured the Construction Site of Zimbabwe’s New Parliament That’s Being Built and Paid for by China

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who recently returned from months of medical care in China, toured the construction site of the new parliament building Harare that China is building and underwriting.

Russian, Chinese and South African Warships Docked in Cape Town Harbor Put on a Good Show

The visiting warships from China and Russia, along with South Africa's own vessels, were open to the public in Cape Town harbor for the past few days before they head out to sea for joint naval exercises that begin today. The ...

Q&A: The Powerful Political Optics of South Africa, China, and Russia Holding Joint Naval Exercises

After three days of public relations events onshore in the Cape Town harbor, it's now time for visiting Chinese and Russian warships to head out to sea along with South African vessels for two-days of joint naval exercises. This is the first time these three navies have ...