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Chinese “Simba” Dedicates Life to Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

To reduce wildlife-human conflict, Simba came up with “predator bomas” which are 20 square meter cages that protect livestock from lions, hyenas and other carnivores. The funds for these bomas are provided by Simba’s partners from around the world, including the Chinese community in Kenya.

With the cages, Simba added that they do not get many conflicts.

China’s Xi Pledges Support for Tajikistan ‘Territorial Integrity’

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Friday to defend the "territorial integrity" of Tajikistan as he announced a boost to diplomatic relations with the neighboring country on a rare visit. Xi arrived in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe Thursday night from ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: South Africa introduced a 10% tariff on all imported solar panels, cells, and modules, most of which come from China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Kazakstan and Tajikistan this week during a five-day tour that begins on Tuesday.  Xi will also attend a two-day leaders summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that begins on Wednesday in Astana. (AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE) ...