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The Sky is the Limit: Aviation and Africa-China Relations

By Lukas Fiala When Angolan President João Lourenço returned from China over the last week, he made a few noteworthy announcements. However, Lourenço’s apparent desire to have China finance an air force base in Angola stood out.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Why Angola is the “Vietnam of Africa”

Angolan President João Lourenço returned from a three-day visit to China loaded with goodies. He secured an upgrade in diplomatic ties, promises of new investment and, most importantly, a major reduction in monthly debt payments. ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: China to Reportedly Launch International Hunt for Officials Suspected of Corruption in BRI Projects

The Chinese government will reportedly launch an international hunt for officials suspected of corruption in Belt and Road Initiative projects. This will form part of a wider crackdown on corruption in President Xi Jinping’s signature infrastructure and connectivity project. The strike will involve several state agencies and will ...