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Renewed Momentum in Turkey-China Relations

By Buğra Süsler At the start of 2023, the Turkish government expressed an exceptionally open public criticism of China concerning the rights of the Uyghur Muslim community in China’s Xinjiang region. Notably, in his end-of-year press conference ...

Q&A: Financing a Renewables Shift in African Countries as China’s New “Small or Beautiful” Model Takes Root

If you look at the specific demands of many African countries, they are now more focused on production-related activities rather than fancy highways that lead to nowhere.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Chinese President Xi Jinping Will Not Attend This Week’s G77 Summit in Havana

Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend this week's G77 Summit in Havana, making this the third major international event in as many weeks that he's avoided. Li Xi, head of the Chinese Communist Party's powerful anti-corruption body, will go in his place as part of a three-nation ...