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U.S. Conservatives Blast Biden for Iran-Saudi Arabia Deal, Say It Highlights American Decline

The Rupert Murdoch-owned conservative tabloid newspaper New York Post published a series of articles that denounced the Mideast pact and said it gives China an advantage over the United States.

Conservative U.S. lawmakers and the right-wing media reacted strongly to the news that China had brokered a restoration of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia on Friday, blaming President Joe Biden for what they say is more evidence of the administration’s failed foreign policy:

  • TERRIBLE DEVELOPMENT: “The end result is China is stronger, Iran is stronger. The United States and Israel are weaker and the Middle East is more vulnerable. This is a terrible development” — John Ratcliff, Former Director of National Intelligence (FOX NEWS)
  • AMERICAN DECLINE: “The U.S. was once the indispensable nation but President Biden’s often incompetent management of int’l affairs is undoing that. Biden let Communist China become the Middle East’s new power broker. This is what American decline under Biden looks like” — Bill Hagerty, Republican Senator from Tennessee (@SENATORHAGERTY)
  • WORLD #2 SUPERPOWER: “A new world order, one where China is the leader. And it’s happening before our eyes. Somebody ought to wake Joe Biden and tell him that, on his watch, our country is fast becoming the world’s No. 2 superpower” — Michael Goodwin, New York Post Columnist (NEW YORK POST)
  • LATEST BIDEN DEBACLE: “Beijing’s brokering of the Iran-Saudi Arabia deal suggests China is now the dominant power in the Middle East. Add the Persian Gulf to the list of Biden foreign policy debacles” — Gordan Chang, Author of the 20+ year old book “The Coming Collapse of China (@GORDANGCHANG)
  • BIDEN ACQUIESCENCE: “China just brokered a Saudi-Iran deal. This is a CHECK on the global chessboard. If China now brokers a Russia-Ukraine deal, which Xi is working on, it’ll be MATE. Game over, and there’s now a new world champion. With Biden’s feeble acquiescence, the era of US dominance is over!” — Dinesh D’Souza, right wing political commentator and conspiracy theorist (@DINESHDSOUZA)


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