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Xi-Putin Meeting Looms Large As Chinese President Arrives in Uzbekistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, in a blaze of media attention, especially around his possible meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting could have implications for the Ukraine crisis and beyond. Some Western commentators 

India Could Be a Wild Card at the SCO Summit

While a possible Xi-Putin meeting dominates the headlines, another conversation on the SCO sidelines in Samarkand could signal a headache for Western powers. Speculation is mounting that President Xi could also meet with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ...

China Crows As India Bails on IPEF Trade Pillar

India’s prominence at the SCO summit comes at a delicate moment for the United States as India moves to limit its participation in the new U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). Indian officials said it will not ...

Kenya’s New President Flips on China

Kenya and China will “expand relations on infrastructure, agriculture, education – among other broad arrays of issues – for the mutual benefit of our countries,” according to Kenya’s new President William Ruto.  Ruto spoke during a ...

Kenya’s New President Faces Many Challenges, Including Balancing China

Kenya's new President William Ruto, takes power at a complex time for the East African country. As Kenya's economy creaks under a large debt burden, he also faces numerous regional challenges, including conflict in Ethiopia and terrorism in Somalia.  These challenges ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine Coastguard Removes Chinese South China Sea Barrier

The Philippine coastguard successfully removed a 300-meter floating barrier placed by the Chinese coastguard to bar access to the South China Sea’s Scarborough Shoal.
This follows an outcry in Manila during the weekend when images emerged of the barrier and Chinese coastguard patrols being used to keep Philippine fishing vessels out. 

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Logistics Shift to Mombasa to Hit SGR Profits 

One of William Ruto's first actions as Kenyan president was to reverse a decision made by his predecessor to force logistics operators to use the Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railway's inland port in Naivasha for logistics and clearance services.  Ruto said the ...

Galamsey Queen Update: Ghana’s President Digs the Hole Deeper

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has poured gasoline on the controversy around the recent re-arrest of En (aka Aisha) Huang, a Chinese national accused of returning to Ghana to engage in illegal gold mining despite being deported four years ago for similar crimes.  ...