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First Zambia, Now Ethiopia: African Debt Restructuring Gains Momentum

The Franco-Chinese-led Creditors Committee overseeing debt restructuring for three African countries under the auspices of the G20's Common Framework will meet on Monday for the first time to discuss the situation in Ethiopia. The ...

Chinese-Invested Portuguese Company Wins Crucial Logistics Concession in Angola

Portuguese construction major Mota-Engil outbid three Chinese state-owned companies, CITIC, Sinotrans, and CR20, to win a 30-year concession to operate the strategically important Lobito Corridor that connects the copper/cobalt belt in the southern DRC and northern Zambia with the port of Lobito in Angola. ...

Will China Finally Accept Kenyan Avocadoes? Maybe!

Chinese agricultural inspectors have concluded an audit of Kenyan avocado crops and warehouses, raising hopes that exports to China can finally begin. The audit is only the latest hurdle facing farmers hoping to access the Chinese market. Earlier, they were temporarily ...

Iran to Become Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member by 2023

Iran will become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in April 2023, according to the Chinese state newspaper Global Times. Iran has lobbied to join the Eurasia-spanning group for more than a decade, ...

For Some Weird Reason, CGTN Doesn’t Want to Say Huawei by Name in a Report About the Company in Kenya

For some reason, the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN went out of its way to avoid naming Huawei by name in a recent report about the company's role as the primary technology service provider for Safaricom's popular mobile payment service M-Pesa.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Overwhelming 2024-Ness of It All

In so many ways, 2024 feels like an inflection point — one of those years that carries within it a future yet unformed.
The U.S. election is of course the most prominent of these trends. If Donald Trump becomes the Rublican nominee, as expected, it will kick off a series of domino effects that could reshape the United States’ relationship with itself, and with it, the whole world.

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