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Algeria to Become Second African Country to Manufacture COVID-19 Vaccines

Algeria announced that it would become the second country in Africa to begin local manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines. Pharmaceutical Minister Lotfi Benbahmed said on Wednesday that the government will partner with Russia to begin production of the Sputnik V vaccine in September.

Chinese Expats in Namibia Line Up at the Embassy For COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

The Chinese embassy in Namibia is one of the first missions in Africa to participate in Beijing's "Spring Sprout" program that aims to inoculate Chinese expatriates.  The embassy provided the first of two shots to 1,800 people yesterday from the local ...

Mounting African Frustration Over the Lack of Access to COVID Vaccines Aligns Neatly With China’s Narrative

Namibian President Hage Geingob was visibly frustrated yesterday over the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccines during a video conference with World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to mark World Health Day. The president used an increasingly popular refrain on ...

Dozens of Tanzanian Soybean Companies Get the Go-Ahead to Start Exporting to China

Chinese customs authorities granted approvals to 49 Tanzanian soybean companies this week to begin exporting their crop to China. While the opening of this new market could prove to be very lucrative for Tanzanian farmers, it's unlikely that it'll have much impact on China's soybean imports that ...

After Living in China For 6 Years, This Female Entrepreneur Returns Home to Launch Zimbabwe’s First All-Women-Owned E-Scooter Delivery Business

After spending years living and working in China as an English teacher at an international school. Elizabeth (last name withheld) returned to her native Zimbabwe inspired by China's prowess in logistics and widespread use of electric scooters. Now she's leveraging her ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Overwhelming 2024-Ness of It All

In so many ways, 2024 feels like an inflection point — one of those years that carries within it a future yet unformed.
The U.S. election is of course the most prominent of these trends. If Donald Trump becomes the Rublican nominee, as expected, it will kick off a series of domino effects that could reshape the United States’ relationship with itself, and with it, the whole world.

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G20 Suspends Debt Repayments For Another Six Months

The G20 is providing developing countries with yet more breathing room to repay their debts. G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs met yesterday and announced that it would extend the Debt Service Suspension Initiative by another six months from June through December.