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Japan Summit Provides Wake-up Call for China to Change Its Approach in Africa

An editorial today in one of South Africa's leading financial news publications, Business Daily, enthusiastically welcomed the outcome of last week's Japan-Africa summit in Yokohama. The summit, known as TICAD7, focused a lot of attention on directing Japan's vast private ...

China-Africa 101: Sino-Indian Competition for Influence in African Indian Ocean Islands

In August 2017, China constructed its first overseas base in Djibouti. This gives considerable advantage to China’s ambitions in the Indian Ocean. As CNN reports, the base is near the Bab el Mandeb Strait which is one of the planet’s busiest shipping lanes and one of the ...

Case Study: Chinese Agricultural Firm Uses Drones to Fight Pests in Zambia

China is playing an increasingly larger role in African agriculture. Chinese influence through business investment, training, value addition and capacity building is intensifying, and reshaping perceptions. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce is funding around twenty Agricultural Technology

Case Study: Chinese Cement Company Builds a Solid Foundation in Zambia

China’s growing economic muscle in Africa frequently raises fears of domination. However, on the ground, these companies often create jobs and try to comply with laws aimed at strengthening local stakeholdership. A case in point is the Sinoma Cement Company, a Chinese company set up in Zambia ...

Podcast Transcript: China’s Distant Fishing Fleet Is Decimating What’s Left of Ghana’s Fish Stocks

Eric: Hello and welcome to another edition of the China in Africa podcast. I'm Eric Olander and as always, I'm joined by Cobus Van Staden, a senior China, Africa researcher at the South African Institute of international affairs ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister to Lead UN Security Council Meeting on Gaza

Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
China, the current UNSC president, called the meeting scheduled for November 29. It comes as the two sides are looking into extending the temporary ceasefire that started last week to allow for the return of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees.

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