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When it Comes to ICT Training, Africa Differs from Western Critics on Huawei

As U.S. trade tensions with China deteriorate into a struggle over future technological supremacy, Chinese tech companies have become targets. Many Chinese firms faced a sudden ban on buying high-end technological components made in the U.S. This pressure is causing these companies to rethink their global strategies.  ...

Can Shenzhen’s Special Economic Zone Miracle Offer Insights to Africa’s Economic Recovery?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every country and its citizens, though it has not impacted them equally, particularly those in the African continent. Makhtar Sop Diop, a Senegalese economist, and politician who has been serving as the Managing Director of the International Finance Corporation since 2021 wrote ...

[NEW PODCAST] Why It's Not China's Fault That Its Trade With Africa is So Distorted