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Does the Shanghai Outbreak Change China’s Image as a Global Public Health Leader?

By Hugo Jones and Lukas Fiala For nearly two years, China’s COVID strategy has been at the center of Beijing’s public health diplomacy, being regarded as uniquely successful at keeping case numbers close to zero. However, over the past few months, ...

State of the BRI and the Messy Politics of a “Just Climate Transition”

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is undergoing some dramatic changes as Beijing pulls back on the massive loans that once defined it as the government is now forced to channel more funds domestically to bolster the country's slowing economy.

WEEK IN REVIEW: South African Rand Falls for Seventh Consecutive Week due to Concerns about China’s Economic Wellbeing

The South African rand fell for a seventh consecutive session due in part to investor concerns about the economic well-being of the country's largest trading partner, China.  The SA currency is now at its lowest level since January, weighed down by the ongoing lockdowns that have cooled demand for ...