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The Kenyan Government is Forcing Transport Companies to Use the SGR

Cargo Transporters in Kenya oppose move by the government making it compulsory for cargo transported by the SGR #KTNBusiness #KTNBusinessToday — ktn (@KTNKenya) September 23, 2019

The Top 5 Things China and Africa Buy/Sell from One Another

In an article that recently appeared in the Paris-based magazine The Africa Report, Andrew McGregor, Managing Director of the independent research organization Who Owns Whom, and Marthinus Havenga, Director of Cathkin Consulting, provided some interesting data on the top five export and import categories that dominate the ...

Russia and China Are Motivated by Totally Different Incentives in Africa

Russia is stepping up its engagement in Africa with a new focus on trade. Although Russia does considerably less trade with Africa than China, less than a tenth the volume, in fact, it nonetheless remains an important actor on the continent. Although Russia and China are often ...