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Mechanisms for ‘Telling Chinese Stories Well’: Chinese Influence on Foreign Media

By James Sundquist The “Rise of China” is one of the great stories of this century. But how is this story told? Is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) about South-South cooperation or debt-trap diplomacy? How much attention should be paid ...

Afrobarometer CEO Joseph Asunka on Public Perceptions of the U.S. & China in Africa

When U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken unveiled the White House's new strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa, he referenced Afrobarometer polling data to validate Washington's renewed emphasis on democracy promotion. The following day, in criticizing the new U.S. policy ...

TRANSLATION: Chinese Ambassador Zhu Jing Reflects on His First Visit to the Congo’s Strategically Vital Southern Mining Zone

Chinese ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zhu Jing, is back in Kinshasa now after a week-long tour earlier this month to the country's strategically important mining zones in Lualaba and Katanga Provinces. Those two regions are at the heart of a rapidly escalating geopolitical ...

China Calls Out European Racism Against Non-White Refugees While at the Same Time Displaying a Bit of Chutzpah of Its Own

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin criticized this week the blatant racism that's been on display in Eastern European countries that have warmly welcomed millions of white Ukrainian refugees crossing the border but have refused entry to predominantly non-white refugees from Global South countries.

Four Different Chinese Ambassadors are Moving On

An unusually large number of Chinese ambassadors announced this week they will be leaving their posts in at least four African countries. It's just a coincidence that so many are happening at once and there is no indication that any of the envoys have been recalled.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Jiang Zemin Created the Africa-China Relationship As We Know It Today

Reflections on the legacy of Jiang Zemin, China’s president from 1993 to 2003, who passed away on Wednesday, emphasized how he presided over a decade of explosive economic growth. Fewer have pointed out that he was also a key architect of China’s current relationship with Africa. 
After the Mao era, emblematized by Chinese involvement in African anti-colonial struggles, the relationship went dormant as China focused on building economic ties ...

China’s Ambassador to Somalia Makes Clear That When It Comes to Taiwan, There’s No Room For Compromise

Occasionally, China's famously media-shy ambassadors in Africa come out of their shells and engage in surprisingly frank discussions on social media. Admittedly, it doesn't happen very often but it did on Monday over on Fei Shengchao's Twitter page when the Chinese envoy to Somalia responded to critical ...

China’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Claps Back at Civil Society Campaign

Zimbabwe’s state-owned Sunday Mail this week published a fawning interview with the Chinese ambassador Guo Shaochun, about the current fight between Chinese companies (aligned with the embassy and Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF government) and a consortium of civil society organizations, about the environmental and social impacts ...

China Donates Surveillance System and Vehicles to Help Protect Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway

China's Ambassador to Kenya, Zhou Pingjiang, used a ceremonial outsized key to mark the opening of a new Chinese-financed security surveillance center for the Standard Gauge Railway. It was not specified what kind of surveillance technology and from what manufacturer was ...

Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing Responds to Video of Addis Ababa Airport Officials Trying to Extort Money From a Chinese Tourist

It is quite likely that at least one, and possibly two, customs officials at the Bole International airport in Addis Ababa are unemployed today, after a Chinese traveler recorded them trying to extract a fictitious "camera tax." The Chinese traveler was ...

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Rallies to Defend Chinese Businesses in Worsening Stand-off With Civil Society Groups

The Chinese embassy in Harare stepped up on Monday to defend Chinese businesses, mostly in the mining sector, against accusations of environmental and social abuse made by a coalition of 27 civil society organizations (CSOs).
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