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2017 China-Africa Year in Review

2017 was an eventful year in China-Africa relations. Overall the two sides remain deeply engaged with one another, however indications began to emerge this year that the relationship is undergoing a profound change. No longer can we expect to see steadily rising ...

China's New "Old Friend" in Zimbabwe

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was long described by Chinese leaders as their 'old friend' in Africa. Mugabe's relationship with the Chinese dated back half a century when China supported anti-colonial guerrillas with weapons and training. ...

Mugabe Critic: Zimbabwe's 'Old Friend' China Is Bleeding It Dry

Harare-based economist and columnist Vince Musewe doesn't mince words in his criticism of Zimbabwe's growing financial dependence. Beijing is 'bleeding Zimbabwe dry' through loans and Musewe says enough is enough. He is calling on Robert Mugabe's government to come clean and reveal the secret ...
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[NEW PODCAST] Why It's Not China's Fault That Its Trade With Africa is So Distorted