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While the U.S. and Japan Talk About Private Sector Engagement in Africa, Chinese Companies are Already Doing Multibillion-Dollar IPOs Based on African-based Businesses

Boston Consulting Group senior partner Grant Freeland issued a plea to American businesses to take Africa more seriously and to get in the game or risk "ceding the market to China." He didn't shy away about the reality that U.S. business leaders are way behind ...

The US/EU/JPN All Seem to Want to Challenge China’s Development Push in Africa… But They’ll Never Admit It

The U.S., Europeans and Japanese have all convened Africa-focused development summits in 2019 and one theme has emerged from all of them: everyone is keen to catch up or somehow rival China's dominance of the African infrastructure and development space.  ...

Why Would Uganda Write a Letter to Support China’s Position in Hong Kong?

The Ugandan government last week seemingly felt it necessary, very likely at the strong urging of the Chinese government, to draft a letter that reaffirms Beijing's sovereignty over Hong Kong and the importance of the one country, two systems policy in response to the past four months ...

World Bank: China Sinks Further Into Debt While Investors Seem to Love Buying African Sovereign Bonds

On average, the external debt burden of low and middle-income countries remains moderate. The ratio of external debt to GNI averaged 26 percent at the end of 2018, unchanged from the prior year average, and the ratio of external debt-to-export earnings improved slightly. 

Aubrey Hruby: Africa Already is a Battleground in the U.S.-China Trade War

Atlantic Council Africa Center senior fellow Aubrey Hruby explained in a recent interview at the Concordia Summit in New York that Africa is a new front in the ongoing U.S.-China trade war but nonetheless remains optimistic that some African countries are well-positioned to benefit from the ongoing ...

The Optics of Gratitude in Africa

This week we interviewed Miriam Driessen for an upcoming episode of the China in Africa Podcast about her fascinating new book Tales of Hope, Tastes of Bitterness: Chinese Road Builders in Ethiopia. Driessen is an anthropologist and spent years interviewing the Chinese workers employed on massive ...

U.S. Army Panel Discussion Explores Cultural and ‘Soft Power’ ‘Influences’ of China, Russia, and France in Africa

“Cultural and ‘Soft Power’ ‘Influences’ of China, Russia, and France in Africa” was the topic of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College’s Cultural and Area Studies Office (CASO) first presentation of the school year, Wednesday, Sep. 25, at the Lewis and Clark Center's Arnold Conference ...

From the Soil: How One Chinese Village Cut Poverty through… Flowers?

Hannah Ryder, CEO Development Reimagined explores how one village in China, that initially grew just one crop, has cut poverty in just a decade… but will it last? Can the same be done elsewhere? Watch her vlog to find out!

3Qi: What Do African Exporters Need to Know About China’s Slowing Economy?

In this edition of 3Qi, or the 3 Question Interview, CAP Managing Editor Eric Olander speaks with Standard Bank's Beijing-based economist Jeremy Stevens about the key factors African exporters should understand regarding the ongoing U.S.-China trade war and how China's slowing economy will impact trade between ...

Florida Governor Calls China an “Adversary” Determined to Control Resources in Africa

Florida governor Rick Scott is by no means an important voice on foreign policy matters but he does offer some insight here on how a lot of senior US politicians now consider China to be an "adversary" who's determined to exert influence around the world.
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