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There Are NO Plans for China to Build a New Military Base in Kenya

Seemingly feeding off one another, Kenyan media outlets whipped themselves into a flurry over a rumour that China plans to build a new military base in the country. These stories were predicated on the following statement in the 

China’s New Ambassador to Kenya Will Face Many of the Same Challenges He Encountered in Nigeria

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta received credentials from six new envoys on Wednesday including China's Zhou Pingjian. The new Chinese ambassador replaced Wu Peng who recently returned to Beijing to become the Foreign Ministry's top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa. ...

Cobus van Staden Has a Warning For Rich Countries: Either You Pay Now to Help Africa With COVID-19 or You Will Pay Later

Cobus van Staden, the senior China-Africa researcher at the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg and co-founder of The China Global South Project, published a sharply-worded commentary that condemned the international community's response to the COVID-19 as "woefully naive."

Dambisa Moyo: China Using Current Market Instability to Take Power Away From US, European Societies

China is using the current economic downturn "as an opportunity to take geopolitical power away from Western societies," said international development economist and best-selling author Dambisa Moyo in an interview with the institutional finance publication Investment & Pensions Europe.

The Nigerian Government’s Seemingly Endless Effort to Correct Misinformation About the Country’s Debt

Nigeria's Debt Management Office, once again, issued a breakdown of the country's debt to external creditors in a bid to push back against the widely-held, yet misinformed perception that the country is in debt beyond its capacity -- mostly to China. ...

U.S. Sanctions State-Owned Chinese Infrastructure Company That Has a Huge Presence in Africa

The move by the United States last week to sanction the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) could have far-reaching implications that extend all the way to Africa, where the state-owned construction giant has an enormous presence. The U.S. State and Commerce ...

China Communications Construction Company in Africa

The China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) is Africa's largest international contractor, with a 40-year history of building some of the continent's largest infrastructure projects, according to a company promotional video. Some of CCCC's recent projects are among Africa's ...

Africa Isn’t Alone Trying to Find a Space in Between the U.S. and China

Last week's announcement by the U.S. government that it will add 24 more Chinese companies to its so-called entities list was probably met with dread and concern in capitals throughout the global south. After all, these companies, most notably China Communications ...

The Political Ramifications of China’s Reduced Appetite for African Oil

News that two of China's largest oil companies, Sinopec and CNPC, are going to scale down their presence in South Sudan provides the latest evidence of China's waning appetite for African oil.  This isn't a new phenomenon. In fact, ...

Ghana Renews Fishing Permit for Chinese Trawler That Has Refused to Pay a $1 Million Fine

Ghanaian fishing authorities have reportedly renewed the permit for the Lu Rong Yuan Yu 956, a Chinese vessel operated by Rongcheng Ocean Fishery Co. Ltd., even though the company has so far refused to pay a $1 million fine it incurred last year for using illegal nets.
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