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This Picture Should Be Quite Worrying to Every Australian Politician

Colin Ding, president of the Chinese mining company Kingho Energy Group, paid a visit to the State House in Freetown on Tuesday to meet with President Julius Maada Bio about the company's new port and rail lease agreements that will be used to ramp up iron ...

Another Month Passes With More Appeals For the U.S. to Get Engaged in Africa… If For No Other Reason Than To Confront China

In what's becoming something of a ritual in Washington, every month or so think tanks and news outlets publish a wave of commentaries imploring the Biden administration to jump-start an Africa policy with a simple message: get in there, do something, anything really, just get going.

China, Like the U.S., Frames Much of Its Engagement in Africa in the Context of Great Power Rivalry

The United States often frames its engagement in Africa as a way to confront China's "malign influence," prompting widespread criticism over the years that Washington's primary interest on the continent appears more focused on China than on building a constructive Africa policy.

With Iron Ore Mines in Guinea and Sierra Leone Now Coming Online, China is Making It Clear That It Wants to End Its Dependence on Australia

The Chinese government is signaling both through its actions and propaganda messaging that the days of being overly reliant on Australian iron ore are coming to an end. When precisely? Well, no one knows for sure, but given the burst of ...

The Head of a Major Chinese Mining Company Flew to Sierra Leone Just Days After Parliament Cleared the Way for Expanded Iron Ore Shipments

Colin Ding,President of Kingho Energy Group, landed in Freetown this week, just days after Sierra Leone's parliament voted to ratify a port and rail lease agreement that will facilitate the export of iron ore from the West African nation.

Niger President Mohamed Bazoum Criticizes “Western Complaining” About Chinese and Turkish Investment in His Country

Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum criticized the media for creating the impression that the west African country is beset by security challenges and not a safe place to invest. He said in an interview with ...

Linda Thomas-Greenfield is Worried About Africa’s Relationship With China

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (photo), said the Biden administration's new policy for Africa will contrast sharply not only with Donald Trump's but also China's engagement on the continent.  In an interview with the state-owned Voice of ...

Anti-Colonialism Remains a Central Tenant of China’s Engagement in Africa

Colonialism and imperialism are the kinds of subjects that students in the U.S. and Europe study in school, framed within the assumption that they have very little applicability in contemporary geopolitics. But for the Chinese, these issues remain very close to the surface and make up a ...

The Chinese Embassy in Uganda Engages in Some Unusual Social Media Marketing

If you happen to know your Communist Chinese history, specifically how long the "War to Resist the U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea lasted for" then you could win a prize from the Chinese embassy in Uganda.

China’s Role in “Decolonizing” Healthcare in Africa

I still remember the day I arrived in the quiet city of Natitingou, North-West Benin, after the 7000-mile journey from my hometown in China. I was to be a translator in a Chinese medical team deployed to the local hospital. Over the 13 months ...
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