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Chinese “Simba” Dedicates Life to Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

To reduce wildlife-human conflict, Simba came up with “predator bomas” which are 20 square meter cages that protect livestock from lions, hyenas and other carnivores. The funds for these bomas are provided by Simba’s partners from around the world, including the Chinese community in Kenya.

With the cages, Simba added that they do not get many conflicts.

Chinese EV Tech in Kenya’s Mass Transport: The BasiGo Story

In 2022, BasiGo, an early-stage e-mobility start-up, imported two electric buses from BYD, a Chinese conglomerate and the world’s largest EV company. The plan was to address the mass transport needs by providing these buses to enable the country’s shift to clean transport. The idea was to study the BYD technology and then replicate it in Kenya by locally assembling bus parts sourced from the giant Chinese EV manufacturer.

Chinese Energy Diplomacy in Mali to Increase Renewable Energy Generation

Chinese companies are said to have quietly joined Africa’s renewable energy revolution. In March 2023, China Power Construction Corporation held a special 10-day training program for Mali focused on energy supply chains, including construction and maintenance. It was the 112th such program in a developing nation.

China Commits $49 Million for Burkina Faso’s Donsin Airport Solar Power Plant

The Chinese loan also comes at a time when Burkina Faso is seeking to improve its relations with international partners following the 2022 military coup and the ongoing geopolitics between Russia, the U.S., China and France.

African Union Donkey Skin Trade Ban Laudable but Doubt, Pessimism Cloud Implementation

By 2020, the global donkey population stood at 53 million, two-thirds in Africa. Using the estimated human population in Africa, simple math shows that one donkey serves at least 37 people, making it a critical resource for the continent’s economy.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Letter From DC: Is Africa Holding Itself Back?

Whoo boy…We picked a doozy of a week to be in town. The overlapping reverberations from leadership fights within the Democratic Party, the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, and the announcement of JD Vance as his vice-presidential candidate are understandably focusing attention inwards.
That said, we’ve had fascinating conversations with very smart folks who focus on Africa, the wider Global South, and China’s role there. One theme ...

Chinese Technology Paves the Way for Affordable Electric Vehicles in Kenya

The HK-EV car is retailing for $5,000 and the only upgrade will be a solar panel that can be glued to the roof of the car instead of the current one which is bulky and causes some drag while driving.

Q&A: Chinese, and Nigerian Researchers Collaborate on Super Sub-Saharan Africa Electricity System

China's strategic investments through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) showcase its aspiration to play a role in the global energy infrastructure.

Chinese Construction Projects in Kenya Stall Amid Worsening Economy

For Kenya, repaying its loans sustainably is now a matter of concern since the country’s currency is devaluing fast in what the Central Bank said is “adjusting from policy mistakes”.

Q&A: Financing a Renewables Shift in African Countries as China’s New “Small or Beautiful” Model Takes Root

If you look at the specific demands of many African countries, they are now more focused on production-related activities rather than fancy highways that lead to nowhere.

China’s Invisibility at the Africa Climate Summit and the Disappointing “Western Agenda” Nairobi Declaration

Economic issues back home and the recent BRICS summit in South Africa possibly contributed to China’s largely subdued presence at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit (ACS) in Nairobi this week. Kevin Gallagher, director of the Global Development Policy Center at Boston ...
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