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Sexy, Sexy Cold War

Years in a media studies grad school have condemned me to always be haunted by the gap between real-life tragedy and its afterlife as a media narrative. In this vein, it recently struck me that the real-life horror, pain, dislocation and ...

African Leaders Push Back Against Western Media Narratives on China

While Vice President Kamala Harris worked hard to keep the focus on U.S.-Africa relations during her recent tour of the continent, reporters in the traveling press corps kept bringing up China -- much to the chagrin of her hosts in Ghana, ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Chinese Surveillance Ship Docks in South Africa’s Durban Harbor

A Chinese surveillance ship, which can track rocket launches, has docked in South Africa’s Durban harbor. The Yuan Wang 5 previously drew security complaints from India when it docked in Sri Lanka. Its stay in South Africa comes barely two months after Pretoria upset Western powers for its