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B3W vs. BRI

Leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) richest democracies unveiled a highly-anticipated plan over the weekend for how they intend to counter China's Belt and Road Initiative and stem Beijing's growing influence in Africa and other developing regions. The ...

The G7’s Kinda Sorta Billion Dose Vaccine Pledge for Developing Countries

G7 countries took a big step over the weekend to change the narrative on COVID-19 vaccines, after being rightly accused of hoarding the vast majority of the world's supply of jabs at the expense of poorer developing countries.

China Accuses G7 of “Empty Promises” and Draws on Members’ Colonial Past as Part of Its Counteroffensive

China hinted at the colonial pasts of the G7 member states in its coverage of the weekend's G7 summit in Cornwall, which focused a considerable amount of time and attention on confronting Beijing. Sensing an opportunity to mobilize mass opposition to ...

Nigeria’s New Chinese-Built Standard Gauge Railway Between Lagos and Ibadan to Begin Service Tomorrow

Nigeria's long-suffering commuters will be able to take the train between Lagos and Ibadan as of tomorrow, when the newly-built Chinese constructed standard gauge railway officially opens. The new railway, the first of its kind in West Africa, 

Nigeria Gives Up on Chinese Lenders to Finance Two Railway Projects, Talks With Standard Chartered Now Underway

The slowdown in Chinese infrastructure development lending in Africa is on vivid display in Nigeria, where the country's Transportation Minister acknowledged that he's no longer counting on Beijing to finance a pair of multi-billion railway projects, according to a Bloomberg report. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine Fishing Fleets Urged to Maintain Presence at Disputed Shoal as Tensions Build

The Philippine coastguard called on its country’s fishing fleets to keep operating around the Scarborough Shoal (known as Bajo de Masinloc in the Philippines and Huangyan Dao in China) despite the large Chinese presence in the disputed South China Sea area.
Coastguard spokesperson Jay Tarriela said while Philippine government vessels can’t maintain a constant presence, they are committed to protecting the country’s fishing rights in what it sees as its Exclusive Economic Zone.


#PRNightmare: Rap Superstar Snoop Dogg Posted the Video of a Chinese Employee Attacking Safety Inspectors in Sierra Leone

The video of that Chinese employee of the China Railway Seventh Group who attacked a group of safety inspectors at the Tonkolili iron ore mine in Sierra Leone went mega-viral this weekend after rap superstar Snoop Dogg shared the video with his 61 million Instagram followers.

Apparently, It’s All Good Now Between That Sierra Leonian Safety Inspector and the Chinese Employee Who Attacked Him

In a surprising twist to the story of that fight caught on video at the Tonkolili iron ore mine last week, the assailant and victim have seemingly reconciled. In what seems like a very awkward exchange, they are ...