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A Progress Report by the UN’s Vera Songwe on the Status of African Debt Relief

Economic conditions in a number of African countries are worsening by the day. Lockdowns and a plummet in global commodity prices brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to severe economic repercussions across the continent.

A Ugandan State-Owned Newspaper Issues Correction Over Taiwan

The state-owned New Vision newspaper in Uganda issued a correction on Tuesday for referring to Tsai Ing-wen as the "President of Taiwan," rather than how China describes her role: as the "leader of the Taiwan Region."

African Celebrities, Billionaires, Activists, and Students All Speak Out on Current Challenges in the China-Africa Relationship

In the immediate aftermath of the crisis in Guangzhou, the discourse over what happened was dominated by political leaders, official spokespeople on all sides, and state-run media outlets. Civil society stakeholders, for the most part, were not as vocal. Now, that's all changed and a wide cross-section ...

On Their First Day Back in Session, Nigeria’s House of Representatives Put Chinese Immigrants on the Agenda

On their first day back from a five-week recess, Nigeria's House of Representatives did not waste any time in addressing the still-simmering issue of the treatment of Nigerians and other Africans by Chinese authorities in Guangzhou. These legislators are still angry over how the situation unfolded and ...