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Kenyan Trader Walter Ruigu Seemingly Has Beijing All to Himself

Beijing is one of the world's largest metropolitan areas but yesterday it seemed that Kenyan-born trader Walter Ruigu had the entire city all to himself. "There is an eerie feeling over Beijing," wrote Walter in a LinkedIn post where he reflected on the impact that the coronavirus ...

One of the Largest Right-Wing Websites in the U.S. Now Has a Newfound Interest in China-Africa Issues

Editors at the conservative U.S. website Breitbart have recently started to regularly publish China-Africa-related stories in what appears to be part of a new focus on posting stories critical of Chinese engagement around the world. With an estimated

Africa’s Main Gateway to China Ramps Up Coronavirus Checks

With multiple daily flights between China and Africa, Bole International airport in Addis Ababa is a key frontline outpost in the effort to help stop a full-blown outbreak in Ethiopia and Africa at large. Health officials at the airport were a bit slower than others to implement ...

The Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Are Likely Going to Hit Africa Very Hard

The broad sell-off that rattled global stock markets on Monday due to growing investor anxiety over the fallout from the rapidly escalating coronavirus crisis in China highlights Africa's economic vulnerability in this rapidly escalating crisis, particularly in those countries where China is the largest trading partner.