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Investigation: High-Level Corruption in Zambia Fuels Illegal Timber Trade with China

The Environmental Investigation Agency published a damning report last week that alleged Zambian President Edgar Lungu, his daughter and several high-ranking ministers are all allegedly involved in the illicit trade of rare mukula wood. Mukula is a rare African tree and one of the rosewood species protected under ...

The Rare News Interview with a Chinese Ambassador in Africa

Chinese ambassadors in Africa rarely grant one-on-one interviews with international journalists. But that's starting to change now, particularly as a few Chinese envoys are making themselves more accessible to the press and on social media platforms like Twitter. ...

Recent Killing of Kenyan Rhinos Highlights Need to Get Wildlife Issues Back on the China-Africa Agenda

The privately-run Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya provided a sobering reminder this week that even though wildlife conservation issues have largely disappeared from the broader China-Africa agenda, the fate of some of Africa's most endangered animals is becoming increasingly perilous.