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Tweet of the Day: While the U.S. Talks About Building Things in Africa… Here’s the Kind of Thing the Chinese Are Doing Right Now.

This Tweet from Harare, Zimbabwe should give U.S. officials pause about the effectiveness of all those warnings to African governments about becoming too dependent on Chinese aid, loans and trade. The $100 million new parliament building, all funded and built by the Chinese, is starting to take ...

U.S. Says Forget About China’s “Belt and Road,” It’s Time For Developing Countries to Get Ready for The New “Blue Dot Network”

The United States is proposing a new infrastructure development plan for developing countries that is presumably intended to rival China's multi-billion-dollar "One Belt, One Road" strategy. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross unveiled the new "Blue Dot Network" on Tuesday at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Bangkok.

Senior U.S. Official Warns African Governments About Relying on “Fast and Loose Money” 

The top energy diplomat for the United States, Francis Fannon, issued a clear warning to African governments to avoid taking oil and gas investments from "opaque forces" that could lead to erosion of their countries' sovereignty through debt-dependency. He didn't ...